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Company laboratory

Company laboratory
Grading sieve

In our company’s own laboratory, we carry out physical tests on the construction materials.
These testing activities form part of the company's own production monitoring procedures and are monitored and assessed by the certification centres of the Technical University of Munich and the LGA Nuremberg.
Our company laboratory carries out tests on the following construction materials:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete aggregate materials
  • Chippings
  • Crushed sand
  • Pebble gravel
  • Natural sand
  • Mixtures of minerals
  • Hydraulically bound or reinforced base layers
  • Mineral sealing base courses
  • Armour stones
  • Limestone powders
  • Agricultural lime
  • Asphalt rubble
  • Qualitative tar identification
  • Foreign minerals

The company laboratory monitors the materials which are to be delivered on behalf of the following plants:

  • Pfraundorf
  • Sindlbach
  • Ittling
  • Pollanten
  • Grögling
  • IAM Großmehring

Measuring particle sizes

All tests are carried out in accordance with national and European regulations and comply with the relevant standards.
In addition, new formulations and combinations of materials are tested and assessed on the basis of the relevant and/or required quality profile.
When doing so, we work closely with our customers. After all, our customers’ requirements set the standard of quality for the products which are to be supplied.


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