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From Quarry To Nature Reserve

Natural stone was formed in processes lasting millions of years. Its variety and wide range of colours bears witness to this fact. Thanks to the large number of quarries owned by our company we are in a position to offer a wide range of materials. Due to our internal quality assurance system we are able to guarantee consistent quality with short delivery times.

Quarry at Pfraundorf / Kinding - Pfraundorfer Dolomite

The biggest quarry in all of Bavaria, located at Pfraundorf, has a surface area of 55 hectares and a depth of 110 metres. With its ability to withstand frost and de-icing salt this stone is suitable for exterior wall cladding, solid construction, hard landscaping and for flooring.

Quarry near Pappenheim - Altenbuerger Limestone

The quarry at Grafenmühle, near Pappenheim (Bavaria), provides an amorphous chalkstone of high quality. Its unique structure makes is suitable for facades and for flooring.

Eichenbuehler Sandstone

With its fine granular structure and even colouring the red sandstone from Eichenbühl is suitable for exterior cladding, solid construction, hard landscaping and for flooring.

Kirchheimer Muschelkalk - "Blue hole"

This quarry is right at our doorstep. The Kirchheim shell-limestone (Muschelkalk) from the so-called “blue hole”  displays a warm blue-grey tone. The material has been tried and tested for centuries. It is very dense and characterized by very high technical qualities. The chalkstone is suitable for building facades, solid construction, flooring and for hard landscaping.

Olsbruecker sandstone

Olsbruecker sandstone is red-purplish in colour and a medium grain, quartz sandstone. There is a long tradition of its use in German regions from the Palatinate to the Rhineland and, with its short delivery times, it provides a good alternative to the sandstone found in the Nurenberg region. Its many applications range from cladding, solid construction and hard landscaping to flooring. .

Warthauer Sandstone

The quarry is located at Wartowice, Poland. This classic Silesian cognac-coloured sandstone has already been used on the Cathedral and the “Victory Column” in Berlin.
Since the quarry´s re-acquisition from the polish state in 1993, this stone has found many stylish applications in modern architecture such as facades, flooring etc.


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