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The company

The company Geiger was established by Mr Hermann Geiger sr in 1929. Nowadays, it operates as a limited liability company (GmbH).  Mr Herbert Geiger is the managing partner.
The company employs around 280 people, including trainees. Thanks to an innovative company policy, a group of companies which has become an important player in the natural-stone sector in the Nuremberg, Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Munich region has been created.
The company’s expertise in working with natural stone gained over the course of its long history makes it a specialist in the field of natural-stone products. In the text which follows, we would like to give you a brief insight into the key processes within the company.

The processes involved in producing construction materials


The quarrying process

The massive limestone is extracted from the rock mass on a number of levels by drilling and blasting. The stone obtained consists of limes, dolomitic limes and limy dolomites. Limestone is largely made up of the remains of marine-dwelling animals.
It is grey to light-grey in colour and has a dense structure and a smooth surface. Dolomite resulted from the conversion of limestone in the presence of magnesium-containing solutions. Unlike limestone, dolomite has a fine to saccharoidal structure. Its surface is rough and sandy to the touch. .

Quarrying process

Transportation within the quarry

The minerals which have been extracted are loaded onto dumper trucks using loaders or excavators with a load-bearing capacity of around 60 to. They transport the stone to the crushing facility, after which the actual process for preparing the stone begins.
Regular maintenance and periodic inspections of all machinery ensure that the emissions released into the atmosphere remain low. In the dry summer months, the dust emissions which result when the stone is transported are kept to a minimum by spraying the roadways with water.

Preparation process

The preparation process

The stone material is prepared in the gravel works. The feed material is crushed further, sieved and subsequently stored in silos or on heaps.
The dust which is emitted during the individual preparation processes is drawn off under suction by the dust-removal system and stored in special dust silos.
Some of the material which has been quarried and prepared is refined in the company's own asphalt mixing facility and is subsequently used to make asphalt products.


Automatic loading of the material

The extremely wide-ranging stone and gravel products are loaded automatically.  High-performance systems ensure that the transport vehicles can be loaded at a number of loading areas at the same time.
Waiting times at the loading stations are largely avoided. Furthermore, thanks to modern information and communication equipment, it has been possible to further improve internal production processes.


Deliveries made using our own fleet of vehicles

In order to deliver the products to our customers, we have our own high-performance, modern vehicle fleet. Thanks to the make-up of the HGV fleet (3 and 4-axle trucks, tandem trucks, semi-trailer trucks with aluminium containers, Hardox steel containers and three-way tippers), we are able to find the most suitable means of transport for any transport job, even at short notice.
At our company, we attach great importance to quality. In view of this fact, we follow an integrated approach. Our activities focus not only on ensuring the high quality of our products. They also focus on providing optimum advice and services for customers while dealing with their orders and offering a seamless flow of information and the best possible logistics.
For this reason, H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke is a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company.

In order to affirm our willingness and commitment to run our company in an environmentally friendly manner, we voluntarily participate in the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and the “Umweltpakt Bayern”, the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

Quality management Environmental management Umweltpakt Bayern


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